Where do I see the data of the forms?

The article outlines the various ways the data collected from candidates can be explored.

Enquiry forms are an effective way to collect data from candidates. Read an article here to understand various use-cases. Once the candidate responds to the enquiry form, the recruiter can view the information submitted in one of the three ways: 

  • Candidate Profile - In the profile of a candidate, you can view the details submitted by the candidate. You can reach here by simply clicking on the notification received or by manually going to the candidate. 

  • Enquiry Forms In Jobs - If you want to view all the candidate responses to enquiry within a job, you can simply navigate to the Forms view within a job. This not just allows you to view details of submission but also helps you triangulate the information

Using the information collected from multiple candidates, you can benchmark various information for e.g. expected market salary, average notice period etc. 

  • Global enquiry forms - The global enquiry forms tab doesn't just allow you to create an enquiry but also allows you to quickly go through all the responses to a particular enquiry and further narrowing it down based on jobs. This view can further help you send bulk reminders to candidates who are yet to respond to your previous enquiry.