What is TurboHire Connect and how to use it?

This article describes how you can use the sourcing extension by TurboHire to connect all your sourcing channels with your account


TurboHire Connect is a Google Chrome extension that helps recruiters send candidates from online sites into their TurboHire account. It helps in picking the preferred candidate’s profiles from various online sites, Job boards, Resume banks, and many more in a single click. 


How to get the TurboHire Connect Chrome Extension? 

TurboHire Connect can be downloaded in the following ways:

  • From your TurboHire account
    • Go to Settings > Profile > Apps and look for  TurboHire Connect.
    • Click on 'Install' to open the extension in the Chrome web store.
    • Click on Add to Chrome to install the extension
  • From Chrome Web Store:

Tip: You can pin the extension in the extensions tab for easy accessibility. 



How to source candidates using TurboHire Connect? 

  • Once you visit the candidate profiles on the supported platforms (like Naukri Resdesx or RMS, LinkedIn, Iimjobs, Hirist), the extension will get enabled.
  • Click on the extension to log in with your TurboHire credentials.
  • After logging in, click on Start Extracting Candidates and the extension will pick one or more candidates on the page automatically and you can select the ones you need.

  • Select a Job or Resume Bank where you want to add the selected candidates and click on Add Candidates

  • Selected candidate profiles will be parsed using our parsing engine and will be displayed in the form of Smart Cards at the destination location. Go to the Job or resume bank to view the candidate smart card. 

  • And you're done! You've added the selected candidates to the chosen job or resume bank. 


In case you have any questions, do let us know at success@turbohire.co and we would be happy to help you out.