What is Retargeting? How to Utilise Retargets?

This article gives in-depth knowledge about retargeting and how to use it in the TurboHire platform.

Organisations receive huge volumes of CVs every year, most of which are not even opened. Organisations spend a lot of money on job marketing without utilising their in-house resume database. 

TurboHire empowers recruiters with Retargets feature to find matching candidates from the database. It helps organisations to target candidates from their existing database for a new job. Hence, it significantly improves the turnaround time at the sourcing stage, saves money per job and further improves employer branding.  

How to use Retargets? 

  1. Navigate to Workspace > Jobs. You’ve reached the Jobs Dashboard. Select the job in which you want to retarget/rediscover the candidates.
  2. Click on the Retargets button present at the top of the screen. The Retargets side panel will open with the list of candidates for the job.
  3. You can sort the candidates based on the following criteria:
    1. Candidate Score
    2. Education Score
    3. Experience Score
    4. Skill Score
  4. Select the candidate you want to retarget by clicking on the Add to Job button present at the bottom left of candidate cards and you are done.
  5. Added candidates will be reflected in the Pool stage of the job.

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