What is Go-Live with TurboHire?

The article introduces and explains the novel feature of go-live for enterprise users of TurboHire to maintain business continuity

We are all making a transition to Work-from-home but often miss the convenience of dropping-by-a-colleague to clarify a few things. A good old phone call is an option but it takes time to explain things. 

TurboHire introduces a Go-live Feature to improve your connectivity with your colleagues.

  • Using one-click, recruiters can get on a shared video conferencing link to share-screen, discuss, or take notes.
  • To start the shared video call 
    1. Click on the tv-icon on the Top banner
    2. Or, just go directly to https://portal.turbohire.co/live

We would love to see how our customers utilize this feature and look forward to hearing the feedback.