What is Evaluation Scorecard and why are they required?

This article what an Evaluation scorecard is and wh yare they required to make better hiring decisions.


What are Evaluation Scorecards? 

Evaluation Scorecards are a great tool to help your hiring team make hiring decisions through structured feedback. Evaluation scorecards are used to standardize the evaluation of candidates in the hiring process. Scorecards help recruiters and interviewers to compare multiple candidates on an established rating scale.  Turbohire allows you to customize the rating system (3-point system, 5-point system, and 10-point system) for each scorecard. 


Why do we need them? 

The main goals of the evaluation scorecard are:

  • To increase the objectivity in the hiring process
  • To ensure that the hiring team is aligned on how to evaluate candidates
  • To set up a uniform methodology for productive collaboration 

As a result, if used properly and consistently, Scorecards help remove evaluation bias, create a quantitative standard for candidate evaluation, and help you to make better hiring decisions. 


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