What is a Candidate Smart Card and How to Utilise it Effectively?

This article explains all the functionalities associated with the Candidate Smart Cards and how to use them in the TurboHire platform.

Candidate Smart Cards are Linkedin-like candidate profiles that only contain vital candidate information so that you do not have to go through the whole resume. They contain the most important details of a candidate that a recruiter would be looking for, such as skills, education history, work experience, and many more.. You can also perform some quick actions like Move to Next Stage, Download Resume, Send Email to name a few by clicking on the Kebab menu.

The TurboHire Engine converts the resumes from a candidate database into candidate smart cards. It also enables Smart-Card Sharing so that various members of the recruiting team can assess and evaluate these candidates to find the right fit. 

Here are the highlights of the Candidates Smart Card in Kanban View and Full Stage View:

Basic Information like Name of the Candidate and the associated Social Media Profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Github, etc. It also contains pieces of information like activities associated with the candidate, candidate’s uploaded date and the Tags added by recruiters and hiring managers.

Associated Records & Current Stage gives information about the jobs and resume banks the candidate is associated with, along with the stage at which the candidate is currently.

Calibration Score is the evaluation score of the candidates based on their skills, work experience and educational qualifications which determines how well suited the candidate is for the job profile.

Education, Experience & Skillset gives information about the candidate’s education qualifications with the details of the college, experience and skillset associated with them.

Communicate will help recruiters and hiring managers to directly send emails, enquiry forms, assessments, request updated information about the candidate, background verification requests and rejection mail to the candidates with minimum efforts.

Kebab Menu offers various functionalities like:


Move to next stage - Recruiters and hiring managers can update the stage of the candidates directly from here.


Reject Candidate - Recruiters and hiring managers can directly reject the candidates from here.


Quick Actions - Recruiters and hiring managers can Edit Profile of the candidates, Copy Candidate, Download Resume of the candidate and Remove Candidate from the database.


Refresh - Refresh is requesting candidates to provide recruiters and hiring managers with their updated resumes, Smart Parse will parse the resumes and Fetch Social profile will fetch all the social media profiles associated with the candidate.


Communicate - Recruiters and hiring managers can Send Email, Enquire Candidate, Schedule Interview and do Background Verification


Internal Actions - Recruiters and hiring managers can Fill Scorecards and Add Notes to the candidate. 


Insights - This will help recruiters and hiring managers to fetch profiles of similar candidates and the best suitable jobs for the candidate using Show Similar Candidates and Show Matching Jobs respectively.

And this is how the Candidate Smart Card works. In case of questions, please reach out to success@turbohire.co and we will be happy to help you.