What documents are parsed by TurboHire?

The article summarizes various forms of document that are supported by TurboHire AI-based Resume Parsing Engine

TurboHires Resume Parsing Engine is celebrated as one of the best resume parsing engines for the English Resumes that not just gives you extracted information from a resume like Work-experience, Education, Personal Data but also over-lays the data with a later of intelligence to build an AI-Enhanced Candidate Profile.

Utilizing the AI-Enhanced candidate profiles the recruiters are able to cut their time to screen by 10X and are able to spend quality time talking to the candidates.

The formats support by resume parsing engine are:

  • Word Formats - DOC, DOCX
  • Text Formats - RTF, TXT
  • PDF Formats 
  • Image Formats - PNG, JPG, JPEG 

The parser is being used by companies like ICICI Bank, Kleeto (Leading document management service), JobsGrin (TheIndiaJobs) etc.