What is a job application form?

The article summarizes a special category of forms called job-application forms and how to use them

During the time of candidate application, organizations often want to collect some essential information to help in candidate screening. The information could range from various use-cases like 

  • ✈️ Visa information for remote employees 
  • 👮 Information about the previous experience as a veteran, if any
  • ❓ Or maybe a good old statement of purpose

Job Application Form allows the organization to do this using the functionality of Enquiry Forms

Now you can simply use any of your existing forms as a job application form during the job-creation or edit stage. Using the job application form is simple.

  • Create a new job or edit an existing job

  • In the Pool stage of the Job workflow, click on the gear icon 

  • Click on the drop-down to select the enquiry form you want for job-application


In a similar manner, organizations can use Referral Application Form for information collection during the referral programs or for Internal Job Applications

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