What is a Resume Bank? How to use it?

This article details out what a Resume Bank is and how it can be used to maintain a candidate database.

Resume Bank is a candidate database where you can save potential candidates when you don't have a suitable job opening. When there is a job opening, you can start the hunt from this talented database. 

There are times when you have to reject great candidates due to limited positions. Also, sometimes you come across great profiles but have no open positions for them. This is where Resume Bank comes in handy. Save all the talented candidate profiles in a single place.  


TurboHire offers 2 types of resume banks: a

  1. Dynamic Resume Bank: Store the candidates based on certain criteria. Candidate profiles get added automatically when they meet the criteria and leave when they don't meet the criteria. 
  2. Static Resume Bank: Upload and store candidates manually that you'd like to consider for future roles. 

Adding Candidates to a resume bank: 

  • Upload Resumes: Upload multiple resumes directly to a resume bank  
  • Import from Excel: Import bulk candidate profiles into a resume bank directly using MS Excel 
  • Add Manually: You can also add candidates manually in a resume bank. 


Note: You can also add candidates to a resume bank using the Setup Email feature. Add profiles to the bank by sending an email to the custom email of the bank.   

Moving candidates to the job: 

  • Go inside any resume bank to view all candidates in the bank. 
  • Hover over the name of the candidate and click on Add to Job to add the candidate to a specific job. 
  • Select the job name, click on Copy and the candidate will be moved to the respective job. 



Learn more about how to create a dynamic resume bank here.