What are 1-way Video Interviews?

This article summarises about the TurboHire's one-way video interviewing feature

1-way video interviews (also known as asynchronous interviews or automated interviews) are a novel interviewing concept that allows recruiters to send questions to the candidates which then can be recorded by candidates at their own convenience.

1-way interviewing is gaining traction amongst the candidates and recruiters who want to move beyond the phone calls for initial talent screening.

The benefits of 1-way interviews over screening phone calls includes

  • Faster reviews of candidates by recruiters at their own convenience
  • Reviews from multiple people working across geographies
  • No hassle of scheduling or having to spend time with candidates who are not a good fit
  • AI-based assessments on top of recordings of candidates

The automated interviews provide a new way to create a much richer source of candidate information before the live interviews are scheduled with interviewers. The pre-assessed list of candidates further helps in better collaboration with Hiring Managers.