What is Talent Discovery?

The article summarizes the intelligent tool of TurboHire to find great candidate in your database

TurboHire converts the resume repository of organizations into a LinkedIn-like searchable network that is always-fresh by centralizing resumes from all sources, allowing search over it and then making it refreshed over time.

The process consists of the following steps:

  1. Centralize - Get resumes from everywhere into one single place
    1. AI-Based Smart-Card - TurboHire converts resumes written in any shape or form into a structured smart card allowed for efficient search
    2. Resume Mining Tool - Downloads the resumes from your inbox into your TurboHire account
    3. Connect and Sync Tool - Send resumes from your local machine or from anywhere on the web into your TurboHire account using the smart tools
  1. Discover - Allow the candidate search on the LinkedIN-like network
    1. Candidate Calibration Score - Stack-rank all the candidates for a given job using a human-like AI built on real-world datasets. Utilize Retarget feature to find matching candidates from other jobs
    1. Job Recommendation - Match a good candidate for various open job positions and view the evidence based rating on Strong Matching Jobs for a given candidate
    2. AI-Based Filters - Quickly find candidates who have worked in a certain kind of industry or have a certain kind of education background using the elastic-search enabled filters
    3. Competency Identifier - Utilize the rich competency engine to view the work done by candidate across various skill-sets
3.    Refresh -  Keep your candidate database refreshed
    1. Merge Duplicate Profile - Automatically merge multiple candidate resumes into a single profile
    2. Social Media Mining - Quickly get the social media links of candidates into one-place from the web
    3. Automated Forms - Request latest resumes from candidates or allow them to update their profiles
4.    Delight - Utilize your candidate database and get back to them in case of suitable openings building a great candidate brand while reducing time-to-hire and cost-to-hire

Learn more about the Talent Discovery here or write to us for a demo