How to find candidates similar to a candidate you like?

This article details the method to find similar candidates to a specific candidate

TurboHire AI-engine provides a feature to find out the similarity between candidates. Suppose you're hiring for a job and you feel "John" is a right fit for this job.  Now a faster way of hiring would be to find candidates who are similar to John. Let's see how you can do that.



  • Go to Workspace>Jobs
  • Click on any job to go inside a job and view the candidates in various job workflow stages.
  • Click on the kebab menu (3 dots) on the top-right corner of the candidate smart card of your choice. 
  • Choose Insights and then, click on Show Similar Candidates. A panel opens up from the right side of the screen.

  • It lists all the candidates in the database that are similar to the chosen candidate. The similarity score on the card reflects how similar a candidate is to the chosen candidate. 
  • If you find any candidate suitable for the job, click on Add to Job to consider the candidate for this job.


TurboHire AI-engine also helps recruiters to find out jobs that are suitable for a candidate profile. Learn more about it here.