How to work with Hiring Managers?

The articles summarize various use-cases that TurboHire allows for while collaborating with hiring managers.

TurboHire enables recruiters to work with hiring managers with ease. Often you would have to work with hiring managers for the following tasks:

  1. Getting approval for interview set-up - Get feedback on a list of candidates for which you want to set-up the interviews
  2. Setting up the interviews - Set up interviews by blocking calendar of the hiring manager, interviewers, and the candidates 
  3. Getting evaluation filled - Ensure correct feedback is captured by standardizing the evaluation process by interviews using evaluation cards

Using TurboHire, recruiters can effectively work with hiring managers using the following mechanisms:

  1. Candidate list share
  2. Requesting evaluation on selective candidates
  3. Setting up interviews from Full Candidate View

Want to do more on collaboration with hiring managers? Do let us know