How to utilize Talent Discovery in TurboHire?

The article summarizes the mechanisms for Talent Discovery available in TurboHire for finding right candidates for every open job

TurboHire is built as a candidate first platform where you can find great candidates for your open jobs with ease. It combines the traditional ways of candidate search with new ways of Talent Discovery using AI-based Candidate Matching.

Talent Discovery In TurboHire can be done using three ways:

  1. Utilize Advanced Boolean Search and find matching candidate results to your queries. The filters works effectively on large database of candidate as well.
  2. Utilize AI-based filters for finding candidates with required education background, industry profile or based on their previous status
  3. Automatically match candidates with your open job opening using AI-based Job-Candidate Matching algorithms

You can further stack-rank candidates for a given job easily, watch a video at How to screen candidates using TurboHire.