How to Utilise Full Stage View of the Job Effectively?

This article explains all the functionalities associated with the full stage view of the job and how to use it in the TurboHire platform effectively.

Full Stage View provides detailed information about the candidates in a particular hiring stage. It provides the information about the job in the top left corner of the page. You can view the list of candidates in the list view by clicking the List View icon, sorting and filtering candidates, creating a view tab based on the requirement, etc.

Here are the highlights of the Full Stage View of Candidates:

Share Candidate List: Share an actionable candidate list with your internal and external team.

Add Candidates: Add candidates directly to the job by clicking on the Add Candidates dropdown button at the top right of the kanban board. You can add them in the following ways:

  • Add Manually
  • Upload Resumes
  • Import from Excel

Candidate Smart Cards: Smart Cards are Linkedin-like candidate profiles that only contain vital candidate information so that you do not have to go through the whole resume. It contains basic information about the Candidate’s Job Title and Company. It also shows information like Calibration Score, Education, Experience, Skillset, etc. You can also perform some quick actions like Move to Next Stage, Download Resume, Send Email to name a few by clicking on the Kebab menu.

Sort By & Filters: You can organise and scan the list of candidates in an easy and efficient manner by using a rich set of filters and sort by options in TurboHire. You can find Sort By feature and set of Primary Filters right next to the search bar. To their right, find and click on More Filters to open the filter panel from the right. This panel contains an exhaustive set of filters including skill, refine, experience, and many more and custom filters as well.


And this is how the full stage view of candidates works. In case of questions, please reach out to and we will be happy to help you.