How to use filters to refine candidates?

This article explains how you can utilize filters in TurboHire to find the best-fit candidates based on your criteria.

Every day, Recruiters spend an ample amount of time scanning through hundreds of resumes. Not very efficient, right? TurboHire not only makes it easy but also efficient with its rich set of filters. 


Filtering candidates

In your TurboHire account, there are multiple places where you can use filters to refine your search. For example, you can filter inside a job, job stage, resume bank, All candidates, etc. 

Let's consider the All candidates tab where all your candidates' information is stored for the explanation.

  • Go to Candidates > All Candidates. Here you can see all the candidates present in your account. Be it in a job or a resume bank.  
  • You can see a few primary filters right next to the search bar. To their right, find and click on More Filters to open the filter panel from the right.

  • This panel contains an exhaustive set of Filters including Skillset, Education, Institution Name, Location,  Qualification, Experience, Industry types, and many more. 

  • In case you want to further customize your search criteria, click on Advance Search and type in the criteria in the search bar using modifiers
    • You can use * for prefix match, " " for phrases,  | for OR operator, & for AND operator, and () for grouping queries.
  • Select the ones that suit your requirements and click on Apply to view the filtered candidates' list.



You're done! Perform required actions on the filtered candidate list. In case of questions, please reach out to and we will be happy to help you.