How to set up the Approval workflows for offer letters?

This article outlines the process to create Approval Workflows to be attached to the offer letters

Approval Workflows allow the employees of an organization to work in a structured manner. It automates and quickens the entire process of manual approvals across teams. Let's see how to create one in TurboHire.

  • Go to Settings > Approval Workflows > Offer letter
  • Click on Add template to begin the template creation.

  • Configure the template name and description of the Approval workflow and click on Next to proceed.

  • Set up the triggers based on which the Approval workflows will be selected from multiple templates. TurboHire lets you set Triggers based on the standard as well as custom fields.
  • Approvers: After you’ve set the appropriate triggers, click on 'Add Approvers'. Select the approvers from the dropdown for the first group. Similarly, then add approvers to the subsequent groups. At first, an approval request will be sent to the first group approvers. Once, any one from the first group approves the offer, only then the approval request will be sent to the second group approvers and so on. 

Tip: You can also choose to Auto-Approve the offer letter. Auto-Approval approves the offer letter by default. To do this, just select the check box of Auto-Approval.

  • Select the Authorised Signatory whose signature is required on the Offer letter.
  • Click on Save to finish creating this template.


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