How to set-up Teams and Team Leaders in TurboHire?

The article summarizes creation of teams and giving access permission to Team Leaders to view jobs of their direct reports

Organizations require a proper structure and set of permission to various leaders, managers and independent contributors. TurboHire enables the user to design access for managers with the help of permission template in a very simple way.

  • Set-up Teams - Select multiple users in the Team Panel to form a team in TurboHire.
  • Set-up Parent Teams - It would be important to set the Parent Teams for defining the right kind of organizational structure
  • Permission for Users - Allow users to view Jobs, Resume Banks created by various team members. This also ensures that the Heads of various verticals would have access to all the jobs created by Sub-team members too

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Before adding people in teams you would want to set-up their accounts - read the knowledge base for setting up user accounts.