How to set-up resume extractor and auto-forwarding?

The article summarizes the steps involved in automated resume extraction from your email inbox using TurboHire. It further also helps in setting up the auto-forwarding inbox.

Enterprises receive a lot of candidates in their inbox which are often left unexplored for new job openings. TurboHire provides tools to not just extract all the old resumes but also allows the forwarding of new resumes into your TurboHire account automatically. 

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Resume Extractor

The Resume Extractor tool helps recruiters set-up an extraction task between a start-date and end-date from their email inbox. 

TurboHire AI automatically determines which document is a resume or not using an advanced classification engine. 

Following are the steps:

  1. Go-to Settings Menu - If you don't see the settings icon in the Navigation Bar, then you may not have the required permissions 
  2. Set-up an extraction task - The extraction task would require you to give you Gmail, Outlook account hosted on Godaddy and other servers. 
  3. Select a resume-bank - User can configure which resume bank will be utilized for downloading resumes. 
  4. Time-window- User would need to give the time-window during which the mail was received 

Once the task is set-up, the extractor tool will automatically go in your inbox and give you live updates of the number of resumes found and emails processed. 


Resume extractor task is great to get all the old resumes from your inbox but for all the new incoming resumes you may not want to set-up tasks again and again. 

Using auto-forwarding you can get all the new resumes in your TurboHire account. Following is the process:

  1. Create a Resume Bank and click on the options menu (three dots) 
  2. Select the receive resume option
  3. Create a custom-email id for your resume bank
  4. Now go to your email account and set-up the forwarding to this email address
    1. Instructions for Outlook
    2. Instruction for Gmail

Resume extraction and auto-forwarding are advanced tasks and we would love to help you set it up. Reach out to