How to set-up interviews effectively?

The articles talk about interview set-up process and evaluation mechanisms

TurboHire allows recruiters to set interviews between the interviewer and interviewee by providing them a facility to block their calendars.

Block Calendars of Interviewee and Interviewers

When you schedule the interview using TurboHire, you would be able to block the calendar of both parties. When a candidate or interviewer accepts the invite the recruiter also gets to know about it using a notification.

Update or Cancel Interviews - If there is any change of plans, the recruiter can update or cancel interviews from the full calendar view

Share a video conferencing link

TurboHire uses its own video conferencing tool for allowing seamless video conferencing between candidates and interviewers

Share a live code editor link

You can also enable the sharing of code editor links which would enable the interviewer to see if the candidates are writing the correct code.  

Share the evaluation template

Further to improve your data collection during interviews, you can share the evaluation card with the interviewers.  

All of the processes can further be standardized using the Interview Communication Templates in the Admin Centre.