How to Set up an organization?

The article explains various configurations available for organizations to streamline their recruitment process

TurboHire offers a completely configurable workflow for organizations to run the recruitment according to their processes. All of this is also available in the self-service portal inside TurboHire

  1. Profile and Preferences – Set-up your profile and notification preferences
  2. Organization Set-up – Create users, branding and much more
    a.    Branding - Set-up Organization branding using logo, links and name. The information is utilized in various places like job-page
    b.    Department – Set-up various department, units and sub-units in your organization. This information is utilized to cluster the jobs in various categories
    c.    Users – Add users to your TurboHire account and give them various permissions
    d.    Teams – Set-up teams of users. The teams owners would have access to all the jobs created by the team participants.
    e.    Templates – Create various permission templates to create roles at your organization
  3. Workflow Templates – Help save recruiter time by setting up the templates for various communication
    a.    Email Templates – Create templates for communication with candidates and internal stake-holders
    b.    Score-card Templates – Utilize the adaptable score-card templates for evaluation by interviewers
    c.    Offer-letter Templates – Utilize the offer-letter templates to release an offer letter through your TurboHire system
    d.    Custom Fields – Every organization has it’s own needs for various fields at jobs and candidates. Use the custom fields to create various fields.
  4. Careers Page – Create your branded careers page using TurboHire.
  5. Tools  Utilize various tools offered by TurboHire to streamline your recruitment systems
    a.    Resume Extractor – Get resumes from your inbox in your TurboHire account
    b.    Auto-sync – Synchronize the resumes in your local-PC with TurboHire auto-sync tool
    c.    Career-Page widget – Power-up the jobs on your website using this widget