How to Set Up a Career Page?

The article explains the process of setting up the career page and setting up a custom subdomain in TurboHire.

Setting up a dedicated section on your website to showcase your employer brand and presenting active job openings in the form of the company's career page is like laying the foundation of your recruitment strategy. It is one of the most important recruiting channels you have.

Setting up a career page using the self-serve portal in TurboHire helps organisations to convey the company's culture, values, benefits, mission, and vision in an effective manner.

Navigate to the Settings > Advanced Settings > Career Page.

Only Super Users and Admins can set up a career page.


Follow these simple steps to create an attractive career page.

Step 1: Update Banner - Include strong visual elements that are aesthetically pleasing on your career page will help in engaging prospects to learn more about the organisation. TurboHire recommends using a landscape image for banners.

Step 2: Heading: Provide a short attractive phrase in the form of a heading describing what the career page is all about.

Step 3: Subheading: Provide your career page with a subheading that is short, sweet and gives a brief introduction about your organisation. It’s about a company description which explains who you are, what you do, and why you do it. We recommend explaining your organisation’s mission and vision in an understandable manner and conversational language style.

Step 4: Snippet Heading - Provide snippets headings to define the category of your snippets. This helps in highlighting specific aspects of your organisation.

Step 5: Career Page Subdomain: Set up your custom Subdomain for the career page by clicking on the checkbox. It will help in logically separating the website into sections as per your requirements.

Note: Subdomain once added, cannot be updated.

Step 6: Facebook Page ID: You can also include Facebook Page ID for the careers page here.

Step 7: Publish - Once all the required information is filled, click on Publish button.

View the career page that you just set up by clicking on the View Career Page button.

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