How to Set Up One-Way Interview?

This article summarises how to set up and conduct a one-way interview using TurboHire

1-way interviews are a great way to improve candidate experience and reduce the time-to-interviews. It further reduces the no-show rates and improves collaboration with hiring managers.


Navigate to 1-way interviews

  • Go to Workspace > Jobs and go inside any job. 
  • Select any candidate and click on Interview from the Bulk action menu. 
  • Choose 1-way interview  to compose the email 



    1-way interview in TurboHire could be divided into 3 stages from the recruiter's perspective

    Templatize 1-way interviews: 

    • Interview Question Templates – Consist of the list of questions that would be recorded by the candidates. Easily set up customized Interview Question templates from the Manage tab.


    • Email Templates – Consists of the templates for prefilling the email templates
    • Scorecard Templates – Set up various metrics for the evaluation of candidates for a structured evaluation process 

    Request 1-way interviews:

    • Compose - Compose an email that will be sent to all the required candidates. Select from already created Email templates and  Interview question templates
    • Select candidates - Select the candidates to whom you want to send the Interview questions for video responses
    • Send Email - TurboHire also allows you to send emails to the candidates with email ids. An email will be sent to the candidate with the 1-way interview link. Candidates can record the video answers to the requested questions and submit them. 


    Review 1-way interviews: 

    • Review the answers submitted by candidates and evaluate them based on criteria defined in the evaluation templates 
    • Go to Evaluations > Interviews > One Way Interviews 
    • Click on the Recordings tab and select Received to get the list of all one-way interview responses received from the candidates
    • Hover over the name of the candidate and click on View to view the recorded answer. 


    • Alternatively, you can go inside the candidate profile whose response you want to view 
    • Click on the Evaluations tab and then click on the View  Button on the right side of the page. 

    The interviews work amazingly well on both mobile and web for a rich candidate experience and carry the company branding for creating a great employer branding. 

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