How to Send the Enquiry Form to Candidates?

The article summarizes various ways in which the forms are sent to candidates for data collection

Once you have created the enquiry forms for various use-cases, you can simply send them to candidates in bulk or individually from within a job or candidates page.

If you want to send the enquiry form to candidates from within the job, you have both the options to send in bulk or individually. 

  • Bulk Send From Kanban View
    • Select multiple candidates for the information collection
    • Click on the Email option in the action-menu 

    • Select the option of Enquiry Forms
    • Select the Email Template and Enquiry Form Template
    • Edit the text subject and message according to your need 

    • In the next stage, review the candidate to whom the enquiry is already sent and manually remove them or just select the option remove already communicated candidate 

    • In the above stage, you can use the option of Send To Self to test the content and design of the email
  • Individual Send From Candidate Profile
    • Go to the profile page of any one of the candidates. 

    • Navigate to Enquiry Forms Tab 
    • Click on New Form
    • You can either fill in the information on behalf of a candidate or you can send a form to the candidate for providing information