How to send assessments to the candidates?

This article outlines the process of how to send assessments to a number of candidates.


Assessments are tests or exercises that candidates should complete to proceed further in the hiring process. They could be of various forms: 

  • Work-related assignments (e.g. Coding tests) 
  • Skill-based assignments 
  • Personality tests 
  • Aptitude tests

One of the biggest advantages of assessments is that they allow you to shortlist candidates who perform above the acceptable standards. This helps in reducing the number of candidates to be interviewed.  

Let’s see how you can send assessments to candidates using TurboHire. You can send the assessments to a candidate or multiple candidates in a single go. 


Send an assessment

  1. Go to Workspace > Jobs 
  2. Select a job in which you want candidates to take the assessments and click on it to go to the Kanban Board. 


  3. Send the assessment to 1 candidate or multiple candidates:
    For a single candidate:
    1. Click on the mail icon on the smart card. A panel will appear from the right side of the page.
    2. Select Assessments from the list of actions you can do.  

    For multiple candidates:
    1. Select individual candidates or an entire stage (to send it to all the candidates in the stage)
    2. Click on Email in the bulk menu options that appear on the top of the page when you select more than 1 candidate.
    3. Select Assessments from the list of actions you can do.

  4. Choose from the list of assessment providers and then, select the assessment that you would like the candidate(s) to take.
  5. Fill in the other email-related details including the subject and body of the message.
  6. Click on Send to send the assessment to the candidate.



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