How to Screen candidates using TurboHire?

The article describes various AI-based candidate screening functionalities that are available in the TurboHire platform

TurboHire AI is an advanced method that allows recruiters to find the matching candidates in a matter of minutes using a human-like AI.

  1. Ideal Calibration Score: Define your ideal candidate for the job and let the intelligence rank all the candidates based on your ideal candidate.
  2. Enquiry Forms: Create and send unlimited data collection forms to the candidates to gather info about their salary requirements, joining dates, and so on. Enquiry form template library helps you to choose from the pre-built templates. 
  3. Assessments: Conduct assessments of multiple candidates using our pre-integrated Assessment Providers including MyAnatomy, Mercer Mettl, and many more. Compare the assessment results of all the candidates from within the TurboHire.
  4. Advanced Filtering: Skim through a pile of candidate CVs by defining your skill and keyword criteria. TurboHire allows you to generate complex-Boolean queries right from the system.
    1. Skills: Utilize the advanced taxonomy of skills to find people who have experience in certain kinds of skills.
    2. Education Context: Quickly find out which candidates have studied at Top Colleges based on their educational qualifications.
    3. Work Experience: It is always almost the case that hiring people with a certain kind of work background helps in retaining and conversion. Utilize the experience-based filters to quickly narrow your funnel

TurboHire AI can help reduce the time-to-screen by 80% and improve the quality of hires by 5x

Combining the above 4 methods of hiring for various kinds of jobs, TurboHire provides a powerful tool for a recruiter who can now command the machine to find a great candidate. This further allows the hiring manager to quantitatively define the criteria. Thus, saving them time in back and forth between the Talent Acquisition team (recruiters) and Business (Hiring Manager)