How to Rediscover Candidates?

The article describes the first of its kind feature of Candidate Discovery for recruitment

TurboHire Candidate Discovery is a patented technology built to power-up your recruitment for saving cost and time of recruitment.

Candidate Discovery

Now, using your TurboHire you can deep-dive into your candidate database to find matching candidates for a given job.

  1. Job Calibration - Given a Job Description, the TurboHire Candidate Discovery feature will rank all your candidates for a given job. Learn How to Calibrate Job to Define an Ideal Candidate?
  2. Retargeting - TurboHire empowers recruiters to find matching candidates from the database. It helps organisations to target candidates from their existing database for a new job. Learn What is Retargeting? How to utilise Retargets?

Candidate Refresh

Once you find candidates that are a good fit for your jobs, TurboHire provides an automated mechanism to refresh their information:

  1. Profile Validation Request – Send a candidate profile-validation email to request the latest information in the structured format
  2. Request Latest CV ­­– Once you Discover good candidates in the first step, utilize Request Latest CV functionality to get their latest CV. The latest CV will get parsed and will update your candidate data automatically
  3. Social Media – TurboHire also makes available the social media profile link of candidates for recruiters to quickly look at their social footprint

Using the candidate discovery, you wouldn’t just save cost and time in your recruitment but also will build a great candidate's brand.

“We will get back to you really if there is a suitable opening”