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How to Post to Job Boards that are not Listed?

The articles talk about three ways in which you get resumes directly in your Turbohire account


TurboHire allows recruiters to link the job board of choice to their TurboHire account using three advanced features:

  1. Job Specific Email – Link the job-specific email address to the job boards to redirect candidate resumes into your TurboHire account. Learn more about how to add resumes by creating job specific email.
  2. Job Share Link – Use the job share link on job-boards like LinkedIn, DICE for letting candidates directly apply to your jobs. Learn more about how to add resumes using add job share link.
  3. Email forwarding – Whenever you get a candidate CV in your inbox send it to a resume bank by using the forwarding address. Learn more about how to add resumes by creating resume bank specific email.

Even otherwise if you happen to get a resume from somewhere which you want to upload – the hard way is to go to your account and bulk-resume resumes and tag them with the correct source.

We have other interesting tools that can help streamline your job board integration. Reach out to us!