How to post jobs on social media and Whatsapp Story?

The article provides a summary of ways to post jobs on social media and as WhatsApp story

TurboHire enables recruiters to post jobs on multiple social media platforms and enables a rich tracking mechanism using UTM tags.

Three ways to increase the reach of your jobs beyond job boards and consultants:

  1. Post on Social Media – Utilize your social network to generate candidates from LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram
  2. Advanced Advertising – Utilize the advanced sharing option to generate a custom link for your campaigns which enables you to track the effectiveness of your ad campaigns
  3. Whatsapp Story – Whatsapp is an interesting place to generate candidates whom you have previously connected. Click on the WhatsApp icon in the share menu.

All the social sharing of jobs is powered by JustDropYourResume interface which enables candidates to apply by dropping their CV

Want to add more sources of candidates - let us know!