How to link a scorecard for the interview and how will the Interviewer fill this scorecard?

This article summarizes the process of linking the scorecard for the interview round and describes how the interviewer can fill the scorecard.

How to link the scorecard for the interview round? 

  • Go to Workspace > Jobs. 
  • Click on New Job in the top right corner of the page. A page will open up to fill in the job-related information. 

  • Fill in the basic job information details and click Next to go to the Workflow stage. 

Note: To attach a scorecard to an existing job, click on edit job on the job card and scroll down to see the workflow stages. 

  • Click on the gear ⚙️icon in the interview stage and select the scorecard you want to attach. You can choose to make it mandatory or optional. Making it mandatory will not allow the recruiter to move the candidate to the next stage before filling the scorecard. 
  • Click on Save and you're done.



How an interviewer can fill the scorecard?

An interviewer can also evaluate the candidate during the interview or right after the interview using TurboHire as a video platform. 

  • When the interviewer opens the interview link (mailed to him) to conduct the scheduled interview, he'll be directed to the interview page. 

  • Click on the Interviewer Hub in the top right corner of the page. 
  • Go inside the 'Evaluate' tab to view the attached scorecard for this interview. 
  • The best part is that the interviewer can evaluate the candidate even during the interview
  • Alternatively, he can score the candidate after the interview is over and provide his recommendations. 



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