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How to get job applicants using TurboHire?

The article talks about various methods TurboHire allows you to get candidates for your open jobs in a single place

TurboHire is a great platform for generating great candidates from all major candidate sources and centralizing them in one place:

  • Job Boards – Generate candidates from Free & Premium Job Boards
  • Social Media – Attract candidates from your social media network and company pages
  • Recruitment Consultants – Utilize your Recruitment Partners, Consultants and Vendors to source candidates for you
  • Employee Referrals – Generate amazing candidates from your employee referrals using JustDropYourResume
  • Internal Job Transfer – Allow employees to apply for your internal jobs
  • Advanced campaigns – Utilize the power of Google-ads, Facebook-ads and receive candidates in your account

TurboHire can generate unique email-id for your jobs and enable effective tracking

The amazing part of the candidate sourcing via Turbohire is that your candidates will be able to apply to your jobs with a drop of their CV using the JustDropYourResume framework and hence improving candidate experience right from the time they show interest in your jobs.

Further, if a recruiter has received a lot of candidates from other sources then can upload the resumes in bulk by just uploading the candidate CVs without having to fill any structured information