How to generate referrals and post jobs internally?

The article gives a summary of engaging employees in the process of recruitment

TurboHire provides a way for recruiters to involve their current employees in the recruitment process

Referral Mechanism

Every job in TurboHire is provided with a referral link that will allow employees to refer their friends and people from their network for the jobs.

Generation – Referrals Links are unique for every job and can be shared with employees through various channels like email, WhatsApp groups, etc.

Reporting – When an employee refers to a candidate, the TurboHire platform would allow recruiters to reward the employee if there is a referral-reward policy in the organization

All the referral campaigns would be powered by JustDropYourResume where an employee can simply drop the resume of their candidate and complete the application

Internal Job Posting

Every job can be opened as an internal job posting as well where the existing employees can apply for the jobs. This allows for filling open positions by allowing for internal mobilization