How to Create Form and their Templates?

The article explains the process of creating form and their templates in TurboHire to collect data from the candidate.

Forms are a great way to collect data from candidates.  Form templates are a list of layouts with pre-filled content to choose from while communicating with candidates in order to collect the information. TurboHire provides customisation to standardise the responses of the candidates and further, uses smart filters to refine the candidates on specific criteria.

  1. Navigate to the Candidates > Forms. Click on the Add Template button at the top right. It will navigate to the Enquiry Form Template page.
  2. Follow the 4 Step Process to create your custom form templates as per your requirement.

    Step 1: Form Selection - Start creating a new form with the wide options of fields available. Here at TurboHire, we provide a list of a wide range of form templates to choose from. Pick your template or start from scratch. You can use enquiry forms for various use-cases like document collection, basic details, etc. Click on the Next button.

    Step 2: Setup - Provide the required information related to the template. This will help you segregate the forms and help collaborate with your team members in a much better way. 

    • Form Title
    • Description

    Click on the Next button.

    Step 3: Form Creation - Create various fields that are required by providing the following information:

    • Field Type - You can select the new field option and select the field type from a variety of options like (Text, Numeric, Ratings etc.). 
    • Field Title 
    • Field Placeholder

    Click on the checkbox if you want this field as mandatory. Click on the Next button.

    Step 4: Review - Review your template here.
  3. Click on the Save button and you are done.

Voila, you have created a new enquiry form and it's ready for data collection from candidates. Learn more about How to send the enquiry form to candidates?