How to create an Evaluation Scorecard?

This article details the steps to create an evaluation scorecard to evaluate the candidates.

Evaluation scorecards are a great tool for recruiters to evaluate the candidates and keep a track of their performance during the hiring process. 

Navigate to the Evaluation Scorecard: 

  • Go to Evaluations in the Primary menu and click on Scorecard. 
  • To create a scorecard, click on Add Scorecard in the top right corner of the page.


Creating an evaluation scorecard is a simple 4-step process: 

  1. Setup: Enter the title and description of the template. You have the option to choose the type of rating system (3-pointer scale, 5-pointer scale, and 10-pointer scale) for evaluating candidates. You can also choose to add comments to each of the personality traits. It can be used to input the reasons for a rating or specify any additional comments. 


  2. Category: TurboHire allows you to customize the personality traits as per the skills required for a job. You can make the scorecard as exhaustive as you want. Create a category and input 'n' number of attributes for that category (And yes, there's no limit on the number of categories).  You can choose to make an attribute mandatory or optional. 


  3. Recommendation: In this step, TurboHire allows recruiters or interviewers to provide an overall recommendation to the candidate.  You can add multiple recommendations across 3 categories: Positive, Neutral, and Negative. Also, there is an option to include overall comments if any.

  4. Review: By the time you reach this step, you have already customized the scorecard. Here you can review how your scorecard looks and can make changes using the previous button.


That's it and you're done! Read the article here to learn about how to fill an evaluation for a candidate.