How to create a job in TurboHire?

The article summarizes the 5 simple steps in job creation and promotion

Job creation is a simple 5 steps process in TurboHire which helps recruiters not just define an elegant job page but also helps in internal collaboration and generating candidates from Premium Job Boards.

  1. Job Description – The first step is about defining the job for the external and internal audiences. This page is divided into two parts
    1. Candidate Level Details – This allows the candidate to learn about the requirements, location and other relevant information about a job 
    2. Internal Custom Fields – Every organization can define job-specific custom fields which can then be filled
  2. Workflow – Define a new workflow or import from old jobs based on your choice
    1. Customize Stages – Customize the stages in the workflow to suit the needs of the job at hand
    2. Add Scorecard – Make the process of evaluation structured with evaluation scorecard for various stageS
  3. Candidate Calibration – Utilize the AI-based candidate matching by defining your ideal candidate. All the job applicants will be ranked based on the requirement in this stage.
  4. Team Up – Collaborate with others in your recruitment team on a job
  5. Promote – Once the job is created, it can further be marketed to various job boards in just a few clicks
    1. Free Job Boards - Promotes your job to Free Job Boards like Google Jobs, Facebook for Jobs
    2. Paid Job Boards – Increase the reach of your job by promoting it on leading job boards in India and USA
    3. Careers Page, Employee Centre – Involve your brand by posting the job on your careers page. Further, involve your employee to refer or apply internally