How to communicate with candidates?

The articles summarize various methods of communication with candidates across email, SMS, and Whatsapp

TurboHire communication workflows have been crafted with extreme care to provide recruiters an ability to communicate with candidates at scale.

Channels of Communication

  1. Email Candidates – TurboHire allows for effective candidate communication over email. All the back and forth conversations with candidates are tracked within your own TurboHire account.
  2. SMS functionality – TurboHire allows the recruiters to send SMS to candidates. The SMS mechanism works amazingly well for getting quick responses from candidates
  3. WhatsApp Integration – TurboHire allows selected companies to communicate with their candidates over the WhatsApp channel as well.

All the mechanisms for communication with candidates can be triggered at any of the three levels:

  • Individually on every candidate
  • Multipart by selecting various candidates from the Kanban Board
  • Bulk level by selecting all candidates in a stage or across multiple stages

With its ability to allow communication at scale with candidates, TurboHire provides a very powerful tool for recruiters. It further saves efforts of recruiters by allowing for templatization

Templatization of communication

Organizations can further standardize communication with the candidates across the lifecycle by utilizing the template functionality. The templates can be built for various use-cases like

  • Status Updates – Sending an update to candidates when they move across various stages in the hiring cycle
  • Rejection Template – No is better than no reply. It creates a good brand of an organization if it updates the candidates in case of rejection
  • Interview Template – By creating a standard interview template, organizations can ensure that the interviewee is getting required information