How to collect information from candidates?

The article introduces the enquiry functionality of TurboHire made to allow recruiters to collect information at scale from various candidates

TurboHire saves recruiters time by automating the information collection, at scale. No-more calling candidate who doesn’t answer.

With a very powerful google-form like functionality built into your workflow, TurboHire allows information at scale. Some use-cases of functionality include:

  • Document Collection ­– Utilize the TurboHire Enquiry feature to collect documents from candidates
  • Interview-time Planning – Create an interview enquiry to get best possible interview time from a candidate
  • Commercial Information – Send an enquiry with questions on CTC, Expected CTC or Notice Period

Express your creativity in building your own set of enquiries which would be embedded into your workflows. Further, these enquiries can be built as a template to avoid repetitive work!

Filtering on Enquiry Data

TurboHire is built with a lot of thinking behind it. If 50 candidates respond to your enquiry, using adaptive filters you can quickly filter candidates based on the enquiry questions. The adaptive filters not just help in quick screening but allow recruiters to avoid going through every response.