How to Collect Documents from Candidates?

The article explains the process of collecting the documents from the candidates using Forms in TurboHire.

Document collection is a very important part of the hiring process. The reason why employers request supporting documents is that they need more information to validate the qualifications candidates claim to have on their resumes. These documents can include ID proof, residential proof, age proof, educational certificates, certifications, photos, letters of recommendation, domicile certificates, etc.

TurboHire provides customisation to standardise the process of collecting documents from the candidates and make this process faster.

  1. Navigate to the Candidates > Forms. Click on the Add Template button at the top right. It will navigate to the Enquiry Form Template page.
  2. Follow the 4 Step Process to create custom Form templates as per your requirement.

    Step 1: Form Selection - Start creating a new form by clicking on the Document Collection template category. Click on the Next button.

    Step 2: Setup - Provide the required information related to the template like:

    • Form Title
    • Description

    Click on the Next button.

    Step 3: Form Creation - Create various fields that are required by providing the following information:

    • Field Type
    • Field Title 
    • Field Placeholder

    Click on the checkbox if you want this field as mandatory. Click on the Next button.

    Step 4: Review - Review your template here. 

  3. Click on the Save button and you are done.

Once the Document Collection template has been created, recruiters can enquire about the candidates by clicking on the kebab menu on the candidate smart card and selecting Communicate > Send Email > Forms > then selecting the Document Collection template.

All the templates that were created here will be reflected while sending communication emails to the candidates and other stakeholders.

You can manage all the Form Templates from the Manage View Tab under forms.

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