How to align internal stakeholders?

The article explains various ways in which TurboHire helps recruiters in streamlining information across various stakeholders

Recruitment is a difficult task that involves the alignment of various stakeholders on screening, approving and interviewing a candidate.

TurboHire allows recruiters to streamline internal communication with a very powerful internal-sharing functionality.

Features of Internal Sharing

  1. Candidate Sharing – Select one or more candidates and share it with people over various mediums like WhatsApp, Email or via a link.
  2. Smart Cards ­ - The recipient of your candidates wouldn’t have to even log in to see the smart-cards and providing their inputs on candidates
  3. Adaptive Action Control – You have a choice to configure what actions you want your recipients to take on your link

Advanced Uses of Internal Sharing

  1. Request for Evaluation - The link share functionality can help you request evaluation from your hiring manager and business teams. The evaluations forms will automatically be picked from your job-workflow
  2. Live-list – You can keep working on your shortlist even after sharing the link with your hiring manager. When you update the stages in your TurboHire account, the link automatically gets updated.

Interview Scheduling

TurboHire allows recruiters to block the calendar of interviewer and interviewee right from the system. Recruiters can further update, cancel and view all upcoming interviews right in their workflows.

Recruiters can further track the number of times interviews were scheduled and rescheduled from their reports.