How to add users to ACT Talent Network?

The article summarizes the steps involved in adding users to ACT Talent Network by the VC/PE Talent Leaders who are the drivers of the network

TurboHire allows for an easy way to add people to the ACT Talent Network. Following are the simple steps:

VC/PE Talent Leaders who are interested in part of Talent Network can write to or or

  • Add a User using the + Add User on the top right.
    • Provide Email Id, Name and Password of TA Professionals from your PortCos
    • Select the Permissions by clicking on Import Template and Selecting TA Team

Don't select ACT Admin Role in the Import Templates drop-down. ACT Admin Role is meant for the VC/PE Talent Leaders and gives higher privileges

  • Add them to your VC PortCo Team by going to Teams Tab on the left Panel. This would ensure that the VC Talent Admin has access to jobs created by their PortCo members
    • While adding the team, select the Admin Team as the Parent Team to guide people in job creation

Congratulations the user is added to the Talent Network! They would receive an email invitation to join the Talent Network.

In case of questions please write to