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How to Add Resumes by Creating Resume Bank Specific Email?

The articles talk about the process of adding resumes directly in your TurboHire account by creating job specific email.

TurboHire allows you send candidates's CV directly to a resume bank by using the customised forwarding address whenever you them in your inbox .

Add Resumes: Creating Resume Bank Specific Email through Banks Dashboard

  1. Go to Candidates > Banks. You’ve reached the Banks Dashboard.
  2. Search for the resume bank you’d like to add resumes to and click on Setup Email from the dropdown menu present adjacent to the resume banks' names.

  3. A dialog box of Setup Email will open. Create a custom email associated with that resume bank to directly add a resume.
  4. Click on the Save button. A customised email address will be saved here.
  5. Click on the Copy button at the right bottom to copy the customised email address.

Setup email is valid for Static resume banks only, and not for dynamic resume banks.

All the resumes sent to this customised email ID will automatically be added to the associated resume bank.

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