How to Add Candidates in TurboHire?

The article summarizes the process of candidate addition in TurboHire into a Resume Bank and a Job. Further it explains a way to send resumes from your email client directly to your TurboHire account.

Candidates can be added into TurboHire in a Resume Bank or in a Job by simply Dragging and Dropping the Candidate CVs.

  • Adding CVs into Resume Bank or Jobs using Candidates Tab
  • Adding CVs directly in a Job

On top of adding resumes into TurboHire portal, the product also allows for generation of unique email address for each Job or Resume Bank on which if resumes are sent they become part of that respective job or resume bank.
  • Generate a unique email address per job by clicking on Share Icon and then clicking on Advanced
  • Generate a unique email address per resume bank

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