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How to Add Resumes using Job Share Link?

The articles talk about the process of adding resumes directly in your TurboHire account by using job share link

TurboHire allows you to use the job share link on job boards like LinkedIn, DICE for letting candidates directly apply to your jobs.

Add Resumes: Using Job Share Link

  1. Go to Workspace > Jobs. You’ve reached the Jobs Dashboard.
  2. Search for the job you’d like to share and click on Share Job from the dropdown menu present at the top right corner of the job card. 

  3. A dialog box of Share Jobs will open. Click on the Candidates. 

  4. A dialog box with the Job Link for Referrals will open. Click on the Copy Link button at the right bottom. Click on the desired Social Media Icon where you want to share that link and you are done.

Clicking on the social media icon will navigate to its login page. Log in and you can share the link copied on it.

All the social sharing of jobs is powered by the JustDropYourResume interface which enables candidates to apply by dropping their CV.

Learn more about how to add resumes by creating resume bank specific email.